It is more than a game!







Golf tracks are an excellent choice for those looking for novel leisure possibilities!

Now you can enjoy a round of golf anywhere you choose, as our golf tracks can be installed in both large business conference rooms and small spaces in private homes.

Golf tracks are a new way to experience golf at home or at work.

About Us

Golf is considered to be an exclusive game of the rich. We, however, aim to change this stereotype and prove that golf is not just a game or a sport, but also a great pastime that everyone can enjoy

Wishing to break the traditional stereotypes, we want to demonstrate that golf is an excellent form of interaction that also allows to relax and spend quality leisure time. In order to facilitate this possibility, we manufacture and present the mini-golf tracks, a novelty in Lithuania, which can be installed in any place convenient for you. This way you can enjoy a game of golf even while at home, in your office, during business meetings or on family outings.

Golf tracks

The exclusive features of our golf courses made in custom shapes are easy transportation and installation in any place of your choice.

We manufacture golf courses in three sizes:

  • MINI

The golf courses are made of aluminium profiles that ensure durability and lightweight properties, making them convenient and easy to transport and install in preferred places without external assistance.

Because we design and manufacture golf courses ourselves, we can offer custom-made courses designed according to your individual needs. Depending on the size of the course (Mini, Media or Grande), the course can comprise 5, 6 or 7 sections, which can be combined into various fairway configurations.

Our golf courses can be installed at:

  • Company break areas
  • Conference halls
  • Offices
  • Leisure and rehabilitation centers
  • Hotels
  • City parks
  • Rural tourism farmsteads
  • Camping sites
  • Public children’s playrooms
  • Sport and leisure areas at schools and kindergartens
  • Private home spaces
  • Other places of one’s choice

Golf track MINI

Kaina: 1299 Eur.

MINI Golf tracks MINI Golf tracks 45 cm wide golf course comprising 6 sections. These courses are best suitable for installation in private homes or smaller offices.

Golf track MEDIA

Price: 1499 Eur.

MEDIA Golf tracks The average-sized 55 cm wide golf track comprising 5 sections. This track type is suitable for break areas in medium-sized companies, resorts, hotels or various other waiting room areas. These tracks can also be installed even in different educational establishments.

Golf track GRANDE

Price: 1899 Eur.


GRANDE Golf tracks These are the largest golf tracks we currently make: 65 cm wide and comprising 7 sections. This track type is designed for large spaces and can also be used outdoor, e.g., at holiday homes, rural tourism farmsteads and private home outdoor areas.


We aim to give everyone who wants to experience the pleasure of playing golf the opportunity to enjoy this recreational activity simply by renting a golf track. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, bachelor or bachelorette party, wedding or corporate event, we are confident that having a golf track will help create an exclusive atmosphere for your celebration, so be the first to try this new opportunity.

Golf track rent

  • Rent of one track for a day – EUR 50 excl. VAT + delivery;
  • Rent of two tracks for a day – EUR 80 excl. VAT + delivery; 
  • Rent of three tracks for a day – EUR 100 excl. VAT + delivery;

The rental price also includes a set of putters and balls and the rules of play.